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As a former world ranking gymnast, i respect high goals, strick discipline and great challenges. Tell me “You can´t” and i 'l prove You the opposite! ☺️

I love meeting with new people and the process of learning who they are. By building relationships (and especially professional-wise) i discover over and over again how mesmerizing and interesting people are. Phsychology has always been an interest of mine and i believe the skill of reading people is a cruicial base for life. 

That’s why my current position is the Head of International Business Development in the company OCCO and i couldn’t be happier! Working in a company who has the same values and ambitions, gives You the absolute vista and thrive on the highest level. 

Why OCCO and who is OCCO? 

OCCO provides full-scale furnishing solutions for such projects as offices, hotels/restaurants, residentials etc. That means starting from interior design, full implementation (custom/loose furniture, lighting, flooring, accessorizes etc) and finishing with installation on-site. 

As my focus is on building strong and long-lasting partnerships among Real Estate Developers/Asset Managers, i always welcome persons who are interested in exploring the cause of our strong performances on the market. If there’s a will, there is a way! 

Also, perhaps it would be good to add this videointroduction, where is seen also one finished office project:

Hope to meet you soon,

Urve Liivak 

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