Welcome to Sociëteit Vastgoed International

Welcome to Sociëteit Vastgoed International

Welcome to Sociëteit Vastgoed International, the most loyal and active business real estate network in the Netherlands!

We are thrilled to announce that we are expanding to Europe and the global market to bring our unparalleled networking opportunities to even more professionals in the real estate industry.

Building strong connections

At Sociëteit Vastgoed International, we understand the importance of building strong connections and fostering relationships within the business community. Our network is made up of experienced real estate professionals who are dedicated to advancing their careers through collaboration and knowledge sharing. With a focus on quality over quantity, we strive to bring together the most motivated and ambitious individuals in the real estate industry.

Sociëteit Vastgoed International (SVI) provides the unique opportunity to help create significant change across property and the built environment and address the often-seismic challenges we all face in the current environment.

Supported by its members and partners

Supported by its members and partners, it is a non-profit education and knowledge foundation that forms the most loyal and the largest network of multi-disciplinary real estate experts.

Its mission in the Netherlands, and around the world, is to shape the future of the built environment for transformative sustainable impact in communities worldwide. Or, put more directly, SVI is where the future of real estate is built.

That is why it is a great honour for me personally to have founded another great expert team for Sociëteit Vastgoed: it is the opportunity to work with our committed members and partners – leaders from diverse backgrounds, geographies and generations working across the built environment in the public and private sectors - to affect impact and cooperation.

Adressing major industry challenges

This means addressing many major industry challenges, from curbing climate change, decarbonising real estate, to driving social impact, advancing diversity and inclusion, educating the next generation of diverse real estate leaders, increasing housing attainability in our communities, as well as sharing knowledge and network in the logistic industry, retail industry, Leasure, private investors, building industry, healthcare and senior housing and spreading information about the latest data, AI and technique.

Such mission priorities require collaborative effort from our industry, and I cannot think of a better organisation than Sociëteit Vastgoed with now SVI to bring us together to successfully tackle the challenges and issues that matter to us all.

Appropriately, the foundation affords its members invaluable opportunities to connect, share ideas, solutions and best practice in real estate and the built environment, as we all collectively strive to make long-lasting positive change.

Networking and Education

In addition to our networking events, we also provide education through our Real Estate Academy and through our Consulting services. Our courses are designed to help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends, personal development and best practices in the real estate industry. Our experienced instructors provide practical insights and hands-on training that can be immediately applied to your work.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out in the real estate industry, Sociëteit Vastgoed International offers unparalleled networking opportunities and educational resources to help you succeed. Join us today and become a part of the most loyal, supporting and active real estate network in the Netherlands, Europe and the world!

Professional development and opportunities

SVI in Europe and worldwide offers exemplary professional development and learning opportunities, including through the Young RE Executives and Academy programmes, plus mentoring programmes, a calendar of dedicated conferences and events, an annual schedule of research reports, webinars which we spread in our social networks and media.

In other words, SVI offers a chance to get international involved in the real estate industry, build long lasting, valuable relationships, and learn.

I’d encourage you to join SVI to help shape the future of the built environment and hope to see you soon at one of Sociëteit Vastgoed or SVI’s events or other activities across Europe.

To find out more about SVI: https://societeitvastgoed.eu/international-en/

You are invited to join.

Read more in Dutch? https://societeitvastgoed.eu/international/

Looking forward to welcome you at SVI!

Claudia van Haeften MBA MSV
Founder Sociëteit Vastgoed & Co.

Over de schrijver
Het Full Service Platform wordt gevormd door het sterke Vastgoed Netwerk en de motiverende Academy, terwijl de loyale Community effectief invulling geeft aan het delen van Business, Fun en Kennis. Dit versterkt de zakelijke vriendschappen tussen de 650+ beslissers.Sociëteit Vastgoed is hierdoor een unieke zakelijke familie met een fundering in Professionaliteit, Kwaliteit en Expertise.
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