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Navigating the S of ESG in the Real Estate Sector: A Focus on Leadership, Implementation, and Social Impact

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Subtitle: Championing Collaboration, Quantifying the 'S,' and Embracing Long-Term Sustainability

By [Claudia van Haeften]

Date: [Nov 16 2023]

Financial Times - Real Estate Section

In the ever-evolving landscape of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations, the 'S' for Social Impact is gaining significant traction within the real estate sector. As industry leaders converge to explore the potential of the 'S' aspect, the focus is on fostering leadership, effective implementation, optimizing returns, and the crucial role of networking to share and nurture knowledge.

Dialogue for Social Impact

Central to the discussions is the ambition to create a meaningful social impact. The emphasis lies on collaboration and finding innovative solutions to make this impact tangible. Achieving true significance involves the utilization of high-quality materials, talented individuals, and sustainable products and services.

Redefining Sustainability

To fulfill the promise of ESG, organizations are reimagining their offerings, investing in robust educational programs, and establishing agreements within their supply chains to extend the scope of their social responsibilities. Inclusivity takes center stage, ensuring that diversity is not just a token gesture but a genuine commitment.

Quantifying the 'S' Challenge

One of the foremost challenges in this journey is quantifying the 'S' in ESG. It's not merely about the lowest cost but about transparency and a financial model that integrates social considerations. A holistic approach to tendering includes a broader spectrum of influential factors.

The Social Impact in Investment Models

The real estate sector is urged to incorporate the 'S' of ESG into its investment models and return optimization strategies. This shift brings forth questions about the organizations behind these impacts and the value attributed to them. Social performance is increasingly recognized as a driver of higher worth.

Evaluating Ongoing Impact

Furthermore, it's essential to continually assess an organization's contribution to the social impact of its occupants and the surrounding community. This is not a one-time endeavor; it defines the concept of value.

Leadership and Transformation

Implementing ESG principles remains a leadership challenge, with only a few frontrunners currently setting the pace. It calls for a reevaluation of the financial viability of real estate and a commitment to 'doing the right thing,' even in the face of uncertainty.

The Role of Networking

Networking and collaboration are crucial in this transformation. Organizations that can influence their supply chains can significantly impact their partners' ESG performance. However, the absence of strict sanctions for non-compliance underscores the urgency for industry-wide movement.

A Shift in Mindset

ESG is not solely about measurable metrics; it encompasses a broader scope of organizational impact. The Netherlands, though deemed a politically unstable investment area, is showing signs of embracing long-term ESG values.

ESG and Talent Attraction

Even in a competitive job market, applying ESG principles is essential for attracting desired employees. The role of the customer in shaping the 'S' in ESG cannot be understated.

Collaborative Responsibility

In the end, it is a shared responsibility among investors, banks, and appraisers to realize solutions within the valuation models. The 'S' of ESG should become an integral part of the broader landscape of real estate development.


The 'S' of ESG in the real estate sector is a force that cannot be ignored. As leaders engage in dialogue, quantify social impact, and embrace the principles of ESG, the industry is poised for transformation. The path may be challenging, but the commitment to social responsibility is the true North Star guiding this journey. In the end, it's not just about doing well financially; it's about doing good for society.